Lil Reese’s 6ix9ine Diss Track is Dropping

Lil Reese's 6ix9ine Diss Track is Dropping

Lil Reese's 6ix9ine Diss Track is Dropping

Lil Reese is dropping a 6ix9ine Diss Track very soon

As 6ix9ine Tekashi prepares to put out his upcoming album, “Tattle Tales” Lil Reese plan on paying Tekashi back for the disrespect with a diss track

Obviously, It’s probably impossible to ignore the fact that 6ix9ine appears hellbent on kicking up in Chicago.

Of course talking about antagonizing Lil Durk with his late cousin issues, and also revisiting a vir moment that made Lil Reese feel humiliated. 6ix9ine has been putting out war non stop for weeks now.

Meanwhile, 6ix9ine is gearing up to drop an album on Friday titled “Tattle Tales” and all this drama has actually work out as plan by Tekashi and his tram just by generating attention

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Lil Reese not long ago, has announced officially his intentions to fire back, telling people that a 6ix9ine diss track is arriving soonest.

After Reese confirmed his album release date, to be September 11th, he also revealed that the album’s introduction would be aimed at his rival 6ix9ine.

Below is the proof of A Reese making it clear his first track off his upcoming album with be a diss track for 6ix9ine

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