Amapiano is taking Over

Amapiano is taking over

Amapiano is taking over

Short History of Amapiano

Today’s music in South Africa and all over the world must recognise the impact of the genre Amapiano to the world of music

Amapiano is not a new name or will not sound strange in the ear of South Africa music lovers especially the dwellers at Mzansi.

It’s obviously that the European Music has over the years undergone several metamorphosis and changes.

To add to that, the same can also be said of African, especially South African House music, which is stoically known for it’s ability to reinvent itself over time.

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The year 2018 will be a year to remember, as it came with a little new surprise. A new sound originating from the capital city of Pretoria, took over the airwaves and Mzansi party goers could not stop themselves from dancing to it’s tune. This is the birth of Amapiano.

What Is Amapiano?

Amapiano is just a genre of music that mixes elements of deep house and gqom all combined together with the jazzy, soulful sound of a piano.

Amapiano genre has been made popular by artists like Kabza De Small, Tall Ass Tee and The Soul Dictators, Vigro Deep who are putting a new spin in the culture of South African music with the new sound they have created. This is the new wave in the house music scene.

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List Of Amapiano Artists And Producers

The genre is a free for all try your talents genre. There are absolutely no restrictions and we have seen a lot of collaborations between artists who just want to make good music.

However, when you mention the genre of amapiano, there are a few names that have to be mentioned including Kabza De Small, and Vigro Deep.

Below is a updated list of current Amapiano Producers and Artists.

Kabza De Small
Kaygee Daking
Kwiish SA
ElusiveBoy SA
Thackzin DJ
Soul Revolver
Bitter Soul
Deep Tonic
Dj Clizo
Dazz-B Music
De Mthuda
Vigro Deep etc

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